My faith in Humanity

Or maybe, the loss of my faith in Humanity

All these days, I have been positive, that the Human Race is simply not capable of destroying itself. Perhaps now, its about time I changed my views. I had forever hoped this day would never come. Alas, it has.

My days in Japan had rejuvenated my beliefs a little. Japan was clean and green and its people well aware of their duties to the environment. And then, I land at Coimbatore, a completely balded city. Dusty and in a ruin-like state. All in the name of development. I return back to Chennai, and as always there is Coovum ever ready to show off as the most violated, polluted river on the face of the Earth. My heart cringes in despair, EVERY time I take a ride on the local trains. I can’t bear the sight of the river. The sludge. That smell. And still there are those who pass over it everyday, not giving a damn as they pass by.

It is only once in a long time that I watch TV. And call it misfortune, to add to my despair, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was on on HBO. The hope the man has should really be commended. The ignorance of the American people, intrigues me. Why is it that everything is treated as hoax. Why? Armstrong never landed on the Moon. The 9/11 was perpetrated by the Government. And Global Warming is a lie.

Are they frigging out of their minds?

Why? Money. Isn’t that what everything is all about.

In the US, its about increasing the profits. The fuel efficiency law in force in the country is similar to the one in India, I think. And when a talk arises of putting a more stringent rule into effect, American car makers are the first to start swearing. Ford and GM are suffering heavy losses. If such laws are forced, where would they sell their cars? On the other side of the world, Toyota and Honda are flying high. And their market has the strictest fuel efficiency and emission laws. Japan. What an irony. Won’t their markets expand if GM and Ford actually embrace a strong emission rule?

In India, its about minimising expenses / trouble. Why bother to treat the sewage? Its not my problem. Why bother to properly dispose the waste? Its not my problem? Why even bother to look for a proper place to spit? Why not spit here? Why look for a dust bin to dispose the chocolate cover?

No one cares. Why should I?

There was no ice in the North Pole this Summer. I can imagine the response of anyone who I bother to tell it to. “O < like I care >”. Global warming is not a hoax damn it. Its here. And if you don’t do something about it, F*&^, you are not going to do anything anyway. And the TATAs hailed for bring the Industrial Revolution to India, yada yada etcetra etcetra yawn…, aren’t doing pretty things to the environment either. Being an e-member of Greenpeace isn’t every satisfying.

Global Warming. Thats not the only thing thats made me completely lose my faith in Humanity. Terrorism.

Unity in Diversity

What a fantastic concept, eh! The volatility pervading this Unity makes me sick. Of what use is such a unity. The only use of this is that one can swear at the other, at the other’s society and still not be called a racist. Sometimes I think we’d be better off as twenty different countries. And I pray to God I don’t start about politicians in the Country. Gandhi would be greatly ashamed.

I came home this weekend. Saturday, serial blasts in Bangaluru, and Sunday in Ahmedabad. Local news channels in each state crying out that it is their cities to be targeted next. Aaaahhh! What are they trying to be prove??? What the hell do they want? What do they gain by killing loads of innocent civilians? Frankly, I refuse to be intimidated by a bunch of demented fools. Jihad, indeed. If only someone told them what it truly means. Are they going to kill everyone who is not a fundamentalist Muslim? And a pathetic note challenging the police five minutes before the blasts. Sniggering, they must have been as they wrote the note. What a bunch of cowardly ignorants. Just look at this all from a higher plane… What an uncivilised act.

And we are humans!

So many cellular automatons, so many simulations. No simulation could possibly predict that any civilized population would eventually destroy itself. I was convinced that the analogy drawn between the human race and any virus. And perhaps then an automaton could properly predict the ultimate fate of such a race. But such a destiny!!!!

I cannot pen on anymore. I am either so full of spite or despair, or both. Please note that I have not intended to cause any harm, sentimental or otherwise, through this page. I am simply so full of despair and been this way for sometime now that I just had to pen this down. Pardon any inaccurate detail in the page, and please bring it to my notice. I’d be forever indebted.