I am Sanjeev. I am currently doing Computer Science Engineering at the College of Engineering, Guindy.

I created this blog, intending only to put my thoughts down somewhere, in case I forget them later. And maybe perhaps, someone would find it useful, or perhaps, intriguing and spend a few minutes on my posts.

You can find my resume here. It contains a complete list of publications. One of our projects has been open sourced at Google code here


  • “Campus  Traffic Monitor”,  that was  judged  as  one  of  the  top  20  projects  in  the  IBM Great Mind  Challenge.  The Campus Traffic Monitor system aids in monitoring, recording and reducing the movement of vehicles inside a campus using  Automated  Number  Plate  Recognition  Systems  and  a  system  for  issuing  passes  for  the  visitors.  It was  also awarded the title of “Project K” at Kurukshetra 2008.
  • Distributed storage system using Java as a part of the Distributed Systems project.  It uses Transactional Memory built using  the  Transactional  Locking mechanism,  and  a  distributed  B+  Tree.  The  distributed  B+  Tree was  developed  by Marcos K. Aguilera and Wojciech Golab, at HP Labs, Paolo Alto.
  • Implemented Software Transactional Memory using C++ for Multicore architectures mini project.
  • Web Ops Chief of Kurukshetra 2010. Site  is has been deployed at http://kurukshetra.org.in. The site was developed using PHP, Mysql and jQuery for various effects and Ajax. Various optimizations were implemented on the server-side including png crushing, js minimizing, js packing and gzip compression.
  • Click-O-Mania – Data Structures project. Classic game developed using quad-linked list and breadth first search.
  • A primitive keyboard – Digital Design project.
  • Events  Manager  Application  –  Database  systems  project.  A  complete  application  for  managing  large  scale symposiums such as Kurukshetra along with an automatic event scheduling.
  • A simple text editor – System Software project. Written in C++ for the UNIX platform using the curses library.
  • DICT server – Networks project. Thorough  implementation of RFC 2229, including look up using regular expressions, soundex encoding and Levenshtein’s algorithm.

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