Request to readers

Please do leave a token on the page that you are interested. Perhaps a comment? Please do post comments, whatever they may be.




9 thoughts on “Request to readers

  1. I have your RSS on Thunderbird. This is one of the areas of computational science that most interests me, and I appreciate the articles. Thanks to Togelius for directing me here.

  2. This article is simple and refreshing. Thanks for a nice read.
    I could not follow the link to the code. Please ensure it is not broken.
    I am thumbing you up on stumbleUpon.

    • Thank you for bringing that to my notice. I have updated the link now. (I hadn’t turned on sharing earlier). Thank you for putting me up on stumbleUpon. Great to know that you liked it. Also thanks to Deltaway. I thought a small intro to GA would be nice after his comment.

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