Kurukshetra 08 and its side effects

Kurukshetra 08

Kurukshetera 08! is come and gone. Our team was one of the three selected for the finals of Project K. I guess, our project on Number plate recognition was impressive. The team Root(-1), originally the team name of Lenin, now our team, took third place in iCode. But it is not of the spoils of war that has forced me to write a blog article. (duh,, I haven’t written one in ages) It was the K!OSPC, the OnSite programming Contest that is prompting to write these lines.

We messed up!!! Thats the short of it. Every team that got selected in iCode made it through to round 2 of OSPC. All that is, expect ours. Questions were totally the kind you’d expect in a tech interview. And we were like “Dude!!!!????” And I had to do a hell lot of searching just to get to the answer to one of them. The truth is that forums are great. But if all you want is one answer straight away, forums are a waste of time. People just keep dragging the pages, sometimes getting nowhere. So that’s why I’ve decided, I’ll keep a collection of the most interesting questing questions i meet with and put up its solution once I find it. Only the solution.

As it is in most cases, answers are open to contention. But the idea is to keep it is as far away from a forum as possible. Just a ready reference. Thats all.



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