People People ought to know

People People ought to know

There are a few people in the world who lie between Gandhi or Einstein and the common man. Even though they are not as famous as the formers, I believe their names ought to be recognized even more than they are today. This is a small little venture of mine trying to chronicle the deeds and the biographies of such people. In many cases you might find that these people are already well known. In these cases I write on them because I’m so interested in them, nothing more. Here it goes, my first Publication on People People ought to know

Mark Shuttleworth

Every time I go for a jog I end up huffing and puffing and thinking “hell, if I was a bit fitter, this would be easier”. But the reality is that if I were fitter, I would just want to run further or faster, and end up huffing and puffing anyway. 🙂

-Mark Shuttleworth
Those of you who are interested in Science and Astronomy would know him as the second space tourist in the history of Mankind.Others, interested in Technology and Linux, would associate him with Thwate and Cannonical Int.,.Humanists would simply know him as the philanthropist Mark Shuttleworth. Well, if you are none of the above, and don’t know him at all, then its about time.
Mark Shuttleworth was born in a dusty gold mining town in South Africa. He grew up in South African capital of Cape Town and went to the University of Cape Town. His interest in Computers began the way in which most people’s do. Through Games. While at the UCT, he was immensly attracted by the potential of the Internet. As soon as he left college,in 1995, he founded an internet consulting firm called Thawte.The focus of the company quickly shifted to Internet security for electronic commerce. Thawte became the first company to produce a full-security e-commerce web server.This brought Thawte to the notice of the world.Thawte was one of the first companies to be recognized by both Netscape and Microsoft as a trusted third party for web site certification. By 1999, Thawte was fastest-growing internet certificate authority, and was the leading certificate authority outside of the USA. Mark sold Thawte to VeriSign in December 1999. You can see the name of VeriSign quite often in case you use Opera. Anyways, after he sold for multi-billion dollars he is known to have given thousands of dollars to his employees. talk of generousity.

Here’s quote I got up in his name and makes an interesting read:

Then, a very smart man called Mark Shuttleworth made 500 million dollars in the .com boom, learned Russian from scratch, went to space, came back in one piece, funded several charities focussing on South Africa, and… oh yes, he created Ubuntu Linux.

You can read it

here and see why this guy,Tony Mobili says so. He sums it up doesn’t he? Shuttleworth millions of dollars. Because he believed in the potential of the South Africans in producing empowering ideas, he founded an organisation called HBD Venture Capital. Guess what HBD stands for. Here Be dragons. Legend has it that, in olden days, uncharted territories in maps were marked as Here be Dragons. Cool name for a corpporate company,aye! Then again, he started up numerous charities. In April 2002, he realised the dream of every young boy, to “fly” in space and to feel weightlessness. He spent seven months in Star city,Russia, learning Russian and undergoing intensive training.
When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return. Leonardo da Vinci
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