I went home a few weeks back eage…

I went home a few weeks back eagerly awaiting to meet my friends,parents,sister and of course my dear PC. Everybody knows all the horrific deeds I have done to my PC. All possible experimentations. This time it was Ubuntu.
Windows had been easy, I guess. All possible windows tweaks had been done and my PC was in the best of its health. Well, It wasn’t to be for long. I had applied for CD of the latest version of the Linux OS, Ubuntu.Ubuntu is an african word meaning Humanity for others.
What do you know! They’ll ship you a copy of the Disc right to your home for
You can expect the astonishment on my mom’s face when I received an international courier all the way from the Netherlands. Well, that lasted for a few days. Then it was upto me to get Ubuntu up and running.
I have no previous experience Dual booting a PC. What the hell, I dared it. I didn’t even bother to read the documentation or the manual. After all, I had Installed Windoze before, and Ubuntu’s installation was supposed to be one of the simplest.
But the fact remains that I messed it up and ended up rendering the entire hard disk unusable. All my songs,my father’s office work and my sister’s files were gone. And Ubuntu wasn’t even running. The only thing the PC showed after BIOS was
GRUB Loading Please wait…
Error 17
Thats it. Man, I was in for a jam. But, it seems were anticipating exactly such thing. There were no exchange of shouts, only a request to get it corrected by the time I was to leave. I promtly formatted the entire hard drive and re-installed Windows XP itself. Phew
Just in case you want to install Ubuntu and dual boot it with Windows read some of the nice links below. Otherwise you can also mail me or message me or whatever.
Hey, I’m in the University and I’ve not yet installed Ubuntu in my PC yet. So Don’t get overexcited and message me about how to install it.(I know you won’t)

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